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The Year Ahead

2021 The Year of Contribution Through Service
In lieu of engaging a 2021 Cohort we will be enhancing the knowledge, skills and networks of our 5 cohorts and
creating opportunities to actively contribute to the community. Activities will include:


Community Decision


Defining and Creating
Healthy Communities


Mastering Difficult
Conversations and Conflict




Building Collaborative Relationships Focused on Putting Community
Capital to Work and Expanding Alumni Engagement

Watch for: Meaningful Service Projects • High Quality Educational Offerings • Professional Skills Workshops

Program Details: 2021 - 2022 Class

Information on the next 2021-2022 cohort will be made available January 2021.  To express your interest in applying to the 2021-2022 cohort email:

This Year's Partners


The sustainable success of our community is dependent upon engaged and informed leaders. Leadership Fauquier was formed to tap into and cultivate the tremendous human capital that exists within our County.

Who Attends Leadership Fauquier?

Each year, Leadership Fauquier’s Signature program graduates a class of twenty established leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors of Fauquier as well as the community at large.

Anyone who seeks to become better connected to the community, learn about the challenges and opportunities that face Fauquier, and become an active participant in Fauquier’s future is invited to apply.

How Do YOU benefit with Leadership Fauquier?

  • Opportunity to employ leadership strengths, increase leadership skills and recognize arenas in which unique contributions may be applied
  • Expanded awareness of issues and challenges facing our community
  • Ability to articulate a vision for the community and translate that vision into action
  • Networking with fellow community leaders on a personal and professional level

How does YOUR ORGANIZATION benefit?

  • Retention of employees with deepened leadership capabilities and a greater understanding of how to maximize community engagement
  • Opportunity to showcase your organization’s involvement with the premier leadership organization in the community
  • Rewards of networking with a diverse group of dynamic community leaders
  • Visible commitment to service in the community

How does the COMMUNITY benefit?

  • Increased source of leaders in the community with broadened perspectives, prepared to effectively and collaboratively lead
  • Improved communication network among civil, social, educational and business leaders in the region
  • Assistance to leaders in their development, matching their skills and interests with the needs of the community

When is Leadership Fauquier?

  • The Signature Program holds one program day per month from September to June, beginning with a two day retreat and ending with a graduation ceremony.
  • In addition to these program days, homework assignments will need to be completed prior to each session. There will also be a class project that will be completed outside of class time as well.
  • After graduation, the participants in each class are encouraged to join the member association for further networking, educational opportunities, and volunteer opportunities.