Anti-Pollution Program

Be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution

For the 2023 Leadership Fauquier Program, our project was to provide insight to the citizens of Fauquier on the issue of littering in the county. Pollution is an issue all across the world with littering being one of the biggest factors. Through discussions with various community leaders and citizens, we learned that littering is an issue throughout Fauquier County, no matter the town where you live. Upon closer examination of litter patterns, we observed that a major factor in the littering issue in Fauquier is a lack of access to information and the tools necessary to dispose of trash properly. 

Leadership Fauquier Pollution Logo, Be Part of the Solution - NOT the Pollution

In our effort to “be part of the solution” we decided to focus our efforts on various information and communication strategies to better inform the community. We have put together information from studies on the effect of littering, to resources for proper waste disposal, to legal consequences of littering and dumping in Fauquier County. We encourage everyone to “be part of the solution, not the pollution” and do your part to keep Fauquier clean, to preserve the beauty of our towns, parks and facilities, roadways, and other public spaces.