For me, as a relative newcomer to Virginia, Leadership Fauquier was an invaluable way to learn and become acquainted with my new community in a deeper way than I’ve known any community in which I’ve lived. Now that I think about it, it would’ve been a great way to learn more even if I’d lived here for years. I finally understand how complex layers of nuance there are to the successful functioning and “running “of a community. As well, I now realize just how critically important it is that residents be intimately involved in matters of their community if it is to serve them well.

During Leadership Fauquier’s monthly classes, I really enjoyed learning about so many different facets of Fauquier County, services and programs I’d not have otherwise had reason to encounter. Through its programming, I grew as both a leaders and a team member, meeting and interacting with amazing colleagues with whom I hope to stay connected with in various ways going forward. I am especially grateful that experiences throughout Leadership Fauquier challenged many of my habits, assumptions, and judgements in ways that have given me greater compassion, broader perspective, and space for self awareness and growth.