Leadership Fauquier 2016 Community Benefit Matrix project

L.O.F.T. (2016):  The “Community Benefit Matrix” Project

Leadership Fauquier’s inaugural cohort Leaders of Fauquier’s Tomorrow (L.O.F.T.) spent months researching and developing their class project.  Because there is often so much commotion around the proposal of new programs and projects in Fauquier County, this group thought it would helpful to have a more scientific way to measure the potential positive and negative impacts of these programs and projects.  The result was the “Community Benefit Matrix.”

The Community Benefit Matrix is effectively a scoring system that is used to rate a program or project’s benefit to the community.  It covers a wide variety of data points including things like ecological impact, accessibility, demographic appeal,  job creation, and much more.  To use this tool for your own evaluations, please download it at the link below.

Community Benefit Matrix